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Little Giant Replacement Parts - Little Giant Parts

eSupply Depot carries a wide variety of replacement parts for all currently manufactured Little Giant pumps, as well as parts for many of their discontinued pumps. Unlike other Distributors and Dealers, eSupply Depot actually stocks thousands of items and normally will ship an order the same day it is received. In addition we have the advantage of being located within just a few miles of the Franklin Electric (Little Giant Pump Company) Distribution Warehouse and can quickly get those unusual parts that may not be stocked and can ship the order within 24 hours.
    Little Giant  239001 Float Switch for WSV-52 Sewage Pump
    Price: $36.00
    Little Giant  951546 Wiring Harness Assembly with Breather Tube
    Price: $33.45
    Little Giant 101333-VOLUTE, FSK-1,POLYPROPYLENE
    Price: $7.45
    Little Giant 101366 Volute,#1 Pump with 3/4" Intake, Black,Polypropylene
    Price: $7.60
    Little Giant 101367-VOLUTE, PE-1YSA, NYLON, BLACK
    Price: $15.70
    Little Giant 101375-VOLUTE, for #1 and 1-AA pump, PP, SMOOTH INTAKE W/LIP (Replaces 101350)
    Price: $7.45
    Little Giant 101376-SCREEN, INTAKE, for #1, 1-AA and NK series pumps, POLYETHYLENE (replaces 101901)
    Price: $3.50
    Little Giant 101377-Volute, 1/4 X 1/2 NPT, Black (Replaces 101330)
    Price: $8.90
    Little Giant 101433-IMPELLER, 1, ASSY, NYLON,(MACHINED)
    Price: $11.15
    Little Giant 101441-Impeller, 1, PP
    Price: $4.45
    Little Giant 101442 Impeller, 1, Nylon, Press on
    Price: $5.10
    Little Giant 101451 1 Nylon Volute Smooth(Replaces 101351)
    Price: $8.50
    Little Giant 101604-GASKET, VOLUTE, PE-1, NEOPRENE
    Price: $1.20
    Little Giant 101904-Screen. Intake, with mounting boss, 1, Polyethylene--(Was 101903)
    Price: $2.70
    Little Giant 102332-Volute, 2,Hooded, Nylon (replaces 102333 & 102377)
    Price: $12.60
    Little Giant 102366-Volute, 3/4 MNPT intake x 1/4 discharge
    Price: $11.15
    Little Giant 102375-Volute, 2E, PE-2, 3/8" FNPT Intake X 1/4" MNPT Discharge Nylon, Black (Replaces 102334)
    Price: $11.15
    Little Giant 102376-Screen, Intake, 2, PP, Black (Replaces 102909)
    Price: $5.70
    Little Giant 102410-Screen, Intake, 2, Nylon (Formerly 102901)
    Price: $6.00
    Little Giant 102437 Impeller, 2, Assy, Nylon With Bushing and Set Screw
    Price: $12.50